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Tahoe Holidays and Events

Plan your vacation around what's happening in Lake Tahoe. Tahoe is a wonderful destination for holidays throughout the year. There are also so many wonderful events happening throughout each season in Tahoe. From special celebrations for holidays, to festivals, food and wine events, and concerts - there's always something happening in the Tahoe area! Get your friends and family together and plan a long weekend or a week in a Tahoe vacation rental to enjoy a holiday or one of the exciting events our area has to offer!

What an amazing summer it has been here in Lake Tahoe...and it's not over yet! The water temperature is the best it's been all season, there is still plenty of sun to soak up, and this weekend is packed full of awesome Labor Day Events.

Few places provide the quintessential 4th of July experience like the shores of Lake Tahoe. Whether you're spending the day on a boat, grilling in the backyard, or watching the fireworks from a mountain top, we'd like to think there is truly no better place to spend this American holiday.