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24 Jun 2024
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Holidays and Events

Are you ready to bask in the patriotic spirit and have the time of your life? Well, gather around, folks! This Independence Day 2024 is going to be a monumental one, especially if you find yourself around the mesmerizing landscapes of Lake Tahoe. From Truckee to Tahoe City, there are numerous jubilant celebrations and mesmerizing light show displays to enjoy!

1. Tahoe City: A Drone Light Show to Remember

Ready for more Independence Day excitement? The Tahoe City 4th of July Celebration 2024 is all set to host your holiday fun from 12pm until 10pm. And guess what? It's all FREE!

This year's highlight of the Tahoe City celebration is the most significant drone light show ever done at Lake Tahoe. Prepare to be left speechless as 300 drones light up the night sky with an eco-friendly, mesmerizing spectacle reflecting off the lake's calm waters.

But the drone light show is just the icing on the cake! The day will be filled with exciting activities for everyone to enjoy, promising a memorable day of fun and celebration. The excitement surrounding this grand event is palpable, with representatives from Sky Elements and Tahoe City Downtown Association expressing their exhilaration about bringing this unique spectacle to Lake Tahoe.  FULL EVENT SCHEDULE

2. Truckee Firefighters 4th of July Pancake Breakfast

Wake up early for pre parade festivities getting started with a good plate of pancakes with butter mayple syrup!  Every year Truckee Fire Protection District at Station 92 offers homemade pancakes fresh off the griddle!  Timing is 7:00am to 10:00am just before the Parade festivities begin. Donations are appreciated they go to Truckee Fire’s scholarship and other community programs.  

3. Firecracker Mile Fun Run

If you like to start your holidays with an activity, join the annual tradition Firecracker Mile, the one mile run is for all ages which starts at US Bank on Donner pass road and finishes downtown in front of the judges stage.   All are welcome to run, jog,  or casually walk while being cheered on by the crowds and encouraged to wear festive attire.  Register online, pick up your bib between 7:30-9:30am.  The Elite Wave begins at 9:40am, The Fun Wave begins at 9:45am and the Family Fun Wave begins at 9:50am.  The race route is from US Bank to Old Town Truckee along the parade route. 

4. Downtown Truckee: Annual 4th of July Parade

The shining star of the Truckee festivities is undoubtedly its Annual 4th of July parade. This year, the Truckee Chamber of Commerce has themed the parade “Throwback Thursday”. Participants, both in the parade and on the sidelines, are encouraged to think about what "Throwback Thursday" means to them. 

The parade begins at 10:00 a.m at the west end of town (with staging at Truckee High School) and progresses 1-1/2 miles down Donner Pass Road into historic Truckee, ending around 12pm. Avid parade spectators put their folding chairs out at their favorite spot right at daybreak, so be sure to arrive early to claim your prime viewing location!

If you want to go to the parade in VIP style, enjoy the special perks with Big Life Connections VIP seating, starting at 9:00 am you will have access to comfortable seating directly in front of the train station next to the judges stage.  And they have you covered with free coffee and tasty treats to keep you fueled up, and a shade tent for your viewing comfort.  From this spot you will have the best view of the parade. The cost for this VIP ticket is $20 however there are only 20 seats available.  Visit to try to secure this spot!  

5. West End Beach Community Party & Fireworks Show! 

Truckee’s Annual Community Party & Fireworks show at West End Beach at Donner Lake is back for 2024!  The beach opens for games and music at 9:00 am and continues throughout the day until 8:00pm The Fireworks show starts at 9:30pm and ends around 10:00pm. While the West End Beach celebration is only open to Truckee-Donner Recreation and Parks District residents, fireworks are visible from around the lake and nearby trails, so there are many ways to watch. So come and enjoy a day of fun and excitement!  Ticket purchase required $20.  Each ticket will get a coupon for 1 day of free admission of your choice to West End Beach, Pool, Fitness Center, or Ice Rink. Tickets can be purchased at the Community Recreation Center Main Office. 10981 Truckee Way. Tickets will NOT be sold at the gate. 

July 5th- 11th Annual Keep Tahoe Red, White and Blue beach cleanup


Clean up our Beaches

Join us for the 11th annual Keep Tahoe Red, White and Blue Beach Cleanup Event.  Following 4th of July Tahoe beaches become covered with trash.  Each year volunteers come togetehr for a huge cleanup removing all the litter from the Lake's shores.  Help us keep Tahoe Blue at one of six different sites along the shores.  We all enjoy the good times and the beauty the Lake has to offer and that is becasue we take pride in cleaning up the area. 

Use public transportation

Use public transportation: The TART Connect is a FREE shutttle with service withing North Lake Tahoe and Truckee areas.  Also the TART Bus service is available for pic up and rides are FREE. 

Pack it in - Pack it out 

Bring what you need for the event, however please pick up all of your trash as you leave the celebration area.  All trash should go in trash bins or taken with you.  If you see any trash left behind please pick it up and help us keep our beautiful beaches clean.  

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