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27 Oct 2022
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Featured Lake Tahoe Homes

Tahoe National Forest is well associated with all kinds of play but the creative elite have been hiding aways here to work for decades. Famous musicians that had a residence here range from Franc Sinatra to Liza Minnelli. Mark Twain and John Steinbeck both wrote about the inspiring qualities of Tahoe.

So it’s no wonder that the worldwide shift in remote work has turned buying a second home in Tahoe into a competitive sport. One that requires plenty of time, luck, and money. Fortunately, you don’t need to commit to buying a home here to benefit from the intellect-boosting atmosphere of Tahoe.  The monthly leases offered by Tahoe Getaways are the perfect solution to living the Tahoe lifestyle without the hassle or commitment of a long-term investment.  

At Tahoe Getaways, we offer elite refuges, in the most exclusive neighborhoods. Monthly rentals such as Exhibition at Martis Camp:

It’s here where nature’s beauty and modern comfort seamlessly intertwine. This home is the perfect setting to collaborate on a project while still offering space enough for quiet reflection.

The savvy remote worker will skip to the head of the real estate line in a monthly lease. There’s plenty of information out there about the creativity and productivity-boosting effects of a change of scenery. Tahoe Getaways allows you to call the most exclusive neighborhoods in Tahoe home for a season.

Try out the highly coveted Lahontan neighborhood. It's not often that homes in this neighborhood come on the market but we offer multiple properties here such as storybook LodgeStags Rest and Lahontan Luxury to name a few. 

Tahoe Getaway’s monthly lease offers you a chance to try on a neighborhood so have fun with it. Live like Frank Sinatra in mid-century splendor at Inspiration Place Lakefront.

Then move your remote office to Schaffer’s Mill and live in mountain luxury for a season. Choose from our Bella Vista TownhomeBig Sky Retreat or Elegance at Schaffers Mill. Enjoy easy access to Northstar skiing while staying productive. 

Don’t get bogged down in trying to commit to buying a second home. Enjoy the lifestyle and benefits of the Tahoe life rite now in a monthly lease.

The monthly leases offered by Tahoe Getaways is the perfect solution to unlocking visionary blocks.

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