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11 May 2017
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Lake Tahoe News

It's no secret that Lake Tahoe is the ultimate weekend escape from Bay Area city life...

But the parking lot that I-80 E becomes every Friday afternoon? Not so ultimate. And that late-night drive home on Sunday makes for a pretty rough Monday morning. If you're like us and have spent time near the Truckee Airport, it's hard not to feel jealous of those jetsetters arriving on their private planes. Well, now can fly private, too... at the same rate you'd pay on any major airline. 

With the new mobile app powered by Blackbird Air Inc., the convenience and luxury of private air travel is yours — at a fraction of the price. Imagine wakeboarding on the lake until 4 p.m. and being home in the Bay by 5:30... 

Palo Alto to Truckee in 55 minutes was Blackbird Air's premier route. Flights are scheduled daily and rates are as low as $174 for a one-way flight. No membership fees required! 

Blackbird recently announced a new offering: a direct flight from Sausalito to Tahoe City via seaplane. Flying private is one thing, but flying private in a seaplane is next level! It doesn't get much sweeter than taking off on the Bay and landing on the Lake. Book for as low as $124 starting June 16, 2017.

Browse available vacation rentals today to plan your trip, and get ready for the ultimate travel experience. For more information, visit

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