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Things to Do in Lake Tahoe

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~Located in the heart of Kings Beach off of Hwy 28, this beach features basketball, and volleyball courts. Stop by any time of day to jump into a pick-up game of either. The beach is flat with lots of sand and good swimming.  Weekly Farmer's Market on Tuesday, Thursday concerts and movies on Tuesday evening.

Located in the heart of Kings Beach, California, Kings Cafe is an American restaurant and coffee house serving breakfast and lunch. 


A bar and restaurant right at the base of the famous KT-22 ski list at Squaw. The best place to soak up the sun and refuel after a day on the mountain.

(800) 403-0206

Authentic Swiss fondue from appetizers, entree fondues including meat, seafood, cheese; Schnitzel entrees, dessert fondue and fresh baked Vienna style desserts.


Lake Forest Beach is a free day-use park within the neighborhood of Lake Forest Glen, a few miles outside of Tahoe City. The beach is a secluded, sandy and pebbly shoreline.

Get ready for an exciting snowmobile adventure with Lake Tahoe Snowmobile Tours.  We have been providing tours in the North Lake Tahoe area since 1985 and is North Lake Tahoe's premier snowmobiling operation.  Our exciting tours are designed for all ages and ability levels.  We have over 100 miles of trails that travel through the pristine National Forest offering spectacular views of the entire fabulous Lake Tahoe.