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Dogs Welcome!Tahoe Summer Activities

The High Camp Experience at Palisades Tahoe escalates and ascends visitors from 6,200' to 8,200' via the aerial tram, soaring above creeks, waterfalls, forests, and the iconic tram face. At the top awaits breathtaking views and activities for every age and activity level Adventure options are available for all fitness levels and time constraints, from short, walks through the wildflowers to a trek on the renowned Pacific Crest and Western States trails.

Aerial tram: Palisades Tahoe aerial tram carries stand-up passengers up 2,000 vertical feet to High Camp, a recreation complex at 8,200 feet. The eight-minute scenic ride ascends over majestic granite rock formations and offers expansive views of the beautiful Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe.

*High Camp operations are subject to cancellation due to inclement weather. Please call for operation status and current pricing.

Hike to High Camp: The Thunder Mountain Trail (approximately 3.2 miles, 2000' elevation gain/loss) is the perfect hike to explore Palisades Tahoe from the base to High Camp. Hikers start their adventure at the bottom of the Exhibition chairlift. From here you will walk towards the very wide bridge, which is where the route begins. The trail is marked with blue spray-painted lines and marks on rocks and signposts to indicate your path. The trail follows Squaw Creek which ascends your right side most of the trip.  Your final destination will be just below the paintball fields at High Camp. PLEASE NOTE that the Thunder Mountain Trail passes over the summer construction access road. Please be aware of vehicle and heavy machinery traffic. Do not continue on the summer construction access road as it is closed for hiking.  

Dog Friendly: High Camp is dog-friendly! There is a charge to ride up the mountain but, if you hike up to high camp (elevation 8200 ft) with Fido, the tram will give you both a ride down for free. The best way to hike up is the Thunder Mountain Trail. It's a 3-hour hike with a rest stop at the popular dog-friendly swimming hole, Shirley Lake. The restaurant at the top of the tram also welcomes Fido at the outdoor tables. Dogs are welcome to curl up under their owners' chairs at the outdoor restaurant, or you can tie them to the fence at the side. Snag a table on the other side of the gate for easy access. The summer sun can be intense, so bring a shade umbrella if you have one to provide your dog with a comfortable place to rest - and don't forget to bring a water bowl!

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