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Winter is Making a Comeback!

7 Feb 2015
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So over the past few weeks, our mantra has been stay positive, the snow will come.  As a local resident to one of the most beautiful places on earth, admittingly this hasn't been all that difficult a thing to do.  Yes, we'd all love to see the snow fall, but in the meantime, there hasn't been a shortage of awesome outdoor activites to keep us entertained.  Not only is there still miles of groomed terrain to ski, but off-mountain we've been able to stay busy hiking, biking and even climbing during these warmer winter days.  When winter usually lasts from October to May, a mid-season spring break isn't exactly the worst thing to happen to us.

And then it began to snow!  Everywhere except here.  You couldn't turn on the TV or open up your Facebook account with out hearing the COMPLAINTS about the snow across the country.  OK, so that wasn't so easy.  Luckily, my own family back east knew better than to whine to me about 3 feet of blower pow in their backyard.  But even so, while they hunkered down inside; we continued enjoying life outside. My dog certainly wasn't complaining. Stay Positive.  The Snow Will Come.

And this morning after over a month of gorgeous (but dry) weather, with baited breath, almost too nervous to acknowledge it's presence; it looks like winter might be making it's long awaited comeback.  The upper elevations received 15 inches of new snow overnight and the next system coming in tomorrow will (hopefully) bring snow all the way down to lake level.  And it even looks like another storm is headed our way next week too!

Snow or no snow, I love where I live and love showing it off to those who come visit. I've never, not once, regardless of the season, had someone visit and wish they'd come another time or had rescheduled their trip for better weather.  Just saying...

But fingers crossed, Winter is making its way back to the mountains, a place it can call home!