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Tahoe Seasons and Weather Conditions

Stay up to date on the snow conditions, seasons, and weather conditions around North Lake Tahoe. The whole reason we come to Lake Tahoe is to be outside, so know what it's going to be like when you visit! Once you start planning your vacation and book your Lake Tahoe rental home, track the weather to be sure to pack appropriately, and plan activities based on the weather. Lake Tahoe is home to year-round outdoor activities, so come prepared with layers and protective gear that's easy to carry around while you're outside in preparation for all weather conditions. 

Kids at Donner Lake

While the excitement of fresh air and sunshine tend to rule the day, we’re keeping you informed about all the great events happening around the North Lake Tahoe this month. 

Summer in Tahoe sure is special. And now that the crowds have packed up and the days are just a bit shorter, it's time to experience summer all over again...this time like a local! 

So over the past few weeks, our mantra has been stay positive, the snow will come.  As a local resident to one of the most beautiful places on earth, admittingly this hasn't been all that difficult a thing to do.

If you have found our website, chances are you already know that Lake Tahoe is the go-to spot for winter sports enthusiasts. But whether you’re an avid winter warrior or a first time visitor, there are PLENTY of reasons to pack up the car and head to the mountains before month end.