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Educate yourself now, before your next Tahoe back-country adventure.

17 Jan 2015
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For the past few years, back-country skiing has been the fastest growing segment of the winter sports industry. Whether this is something you've always thought about doing, or you have some experience in, the rapid rate of gear innovation in the touring sector, has made it a lot easier to try the sport. So it's no surprise that as the number of back-country users continues to increase, avalanche forecasters and back-country guides say it's leading to a sharp increase in the number of skiers exposed to avalanche danger.

Continuing education in avalanche safety has never been so important if skiers plan to keep up with the risk exposure. To help in this cause, the Squaw Valley Professional Ski Patrol Snow Gods Avalanche Education Fund will be offering free Avalanche transceiver workshops this winter. Instructors are members of the Squaw Valley Professional Ski Patrol, and classes are open to all people and all ages. So don't wait until your ready to strap your skis on your back to think about it. Ready yourself now and be prepared!

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