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Stamina, Athleticism, & Grit!

25 Aug 2015
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Lake Tahoe News

The notorious Spartan Race World Championship is coming to Tahoe at the beginning of October!  The race, a true test of oneself, will challenge the toughest & strongest of competitors from all around the world.  The course is designed to push you to your mental and physical thresholds and it will be exciting to see what obstacles the designers have come up with this year. Competitors will travel here to beautiful Lake Tahoe to compete at no other than Squaw Valley USA!

The competition features three different Spartan Race Distances.  The Spartan Beast has a distance of 12-14 miles and contains 30-35 obstacles. The Spartan Spirit Ultra Beast is also 12-14 miles with 30-35 obstacles and “considered the pinnacle of Spartan racing.” The Spartan Sprint is the shortest course at 3-5 miles with 20-23 obstacles.  Past courses have involved obstacles such rope climbing, heavy carrying, mud, swinging, barbwire, fire, and much more.  Although course obstacles cannot be disclosed before the race, competitors will most likely see some similar features but you can bet they will kicked up a notch or two! Course planners and designers say they start prepping and building the course so far as 8 months in advance. The course is built to utilize the surrounding nature and at Squaw Valley that means long rocky climbs, swimming, and a high altitude. Past World Championships have taken place at Mt. Killington in Vermont with a peak elevation of 4,229 ft.; compare that to a starting line elevation of 6,225 ft. to a peak elevation of 9,050 ft. for the Squaw Valley course. Competing in the high altitude will be a challenge to many of the athletes!

The illustrious Spartan Coin of 2015! In past years, competitors wanting to be crowned the best-of-the-best could just sign up and show up but not this year. For the 2015 World Championship, competitors have to qualify by competing throughout the year to win/earn a coin that gets them into the Elite Heat; 600 spots will be earned for the Elite Heat, 300 men and 300 women. This does not include the participants in the open heats who do not have to qualify. The Elite Heat competitors with coins will have a chance to win championship money!

Kids also get to participate! The Junior Varsity and Varsity Spartan Races are ½ mile and 1 mile long, respectively, including fun and challenging obstacles for kids ages 4-13. The kids’ races are meant to create a fun atmosphere for kids to get out, be active, and try new things! Put those video games away!

The Reebok Spartan Race World Championship will kick off Saturday, October 3rd at 8:00 am and continue through Sunday, October 4th.  Come out to Squaw Valley for the Spartan Festival and to see these amazing athletes put their blood, sweat, and tears down on this new, never been tested Spartan Race course! If you love the show American Ninja Warrior as much as I do, you will want to check this out! Check out the Spectator Guide to learn more information and buy passes! For Race Day information and schedule, click here!