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Lake Tahoe Citizen Science App!

8 Sep 2015
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New app to help Lake Tahoe! Students of the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center have launched an app that can be downloaded to your smartphone to help researchers understand and improve our changing shores of Lake Tahoe. 

The notion behind the App is to get everyone to partake and become “citizen scientists.”  Thousands of people visit our Tahoe beaches throughout the year, including the locals; UC Davis wants to take advantage of the foot traffic to generate feedback about our nearshore. The app allows you to describe what you see while during your time at the beach, logs your location, date, and time. Whether it’s about the water clarity, animals and plants, algae, beach conditions, the good or the bad, the Environmental Center wants to hear about it! These observations will help with the analysis of the physical and chemical interactions that impact Lake Tahoe’s nearshore in hopes to help preserve it as well as other lakeshores.

The UC Davis TERC, Tahoe Environmental Research Center, “is a global leader in research, education, and public outreach on lakes that provides critical scientific information to help understand, restore, and sustain the Lake Tahoe Basin and other systems worldwide.”[1] The TERC has two main labs/offices in the Tahoe Area, the Tahoe Science Center in Incline Village and the Eriksson Education Center in Tahoe City. Both locations are open to the public for tours and educational exhibits!

Download the Citizen Science App HERE!