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Keep Tahoe Blue, Beaches Beautiful, and Save Water!

16 Jul 2015
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Lake Tahoe is renowned for its crystal clear blue water and miraculous sandy beaches.  However, it our responsibility as a community, comprised of locals and tourists alike, to make a bigger difference by uniting efforts to keep our lake water clear and beaches clean. 

Who can help?

Everyone who lives and comes to visit Lake Tahoe, and who loves and enjoys this gorgeous and unique treasure.

Why help?

With the current severe draught in California it is crucial we all do our part to conserve water across the board, and on another note, we also need to keep our environment clean of waste.  It’s not just about today, it’s also about our future generations to come. We have to be conscientious as a people to keep our gorgeous environment pristine, and to pass on this legacy. We want our children and grandchildren to experience this unique treasure that we have all been so lucky to enjoy. It is truly heaven on Earth and we are obligated to keep it that way – untouched, unburdened by the human experience. It is our responsibility to work together to help Tahoe remain one of the stunning wonders of this world.  

What can we do to help?

You would be surprise, every little bit helps to make an impact, even something as simple as picking up your own trash or conserving water while on vacation.  Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile and pick up additional trash as well.  Visit Keep Tahoe Blue to learn more tips to help keep our Lake in the condition that we all love.  For tips on saving water at home take a look at state advised Guide for Water.  Leave a small footprint!

Where can we help?

It’s not only the entire Lake Tahoe basin that needs our help, but California at large needs everyone to save water by using it more conservatively. Additionally there are so many beautiful state,  national parks and beaches throughout all of California that need our help to keep clean, including the Tahoe Rim Trail, Yosemite,  Monterey Bay, the John Muir Trail, Big Sur, the Lost Coast Trail, and many more.

When should we help?

All the time, every day, everywhere we can help to pick up trash and conserve water. Also if you’re looking to help participate in some organized trash pick events in Lake Tahoe please visit the Clean Tahoe Program to sign up today.   

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi