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Get the Whole House, and SAVE a Bundle!

An Important Message from Tahoe Getaways

May 11, 2020 - COVID-19 Update: The health and safety of our guests, owners, employees, and community remains our highest priority. The current State Public Health Directive does not allow for leisure travel. Tahoe Getaways is accepting reservations for Summer 2020 and beyond, however bookings that arrive while the State Directive remains in place may not be honored. Guests are urged to contact us regarding concerns with current or future reservations. 

29 Feb 2016
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Last week, the Los Angeles Times featured our very own Town of Truckee in its "Weekend Escape" series. Aside from being very proud that even the big city visitors couldn't resist our "ski town charisma" and "sophistication," we couldn't help but notice that the travel writers selected the obvious choice in high end accommodations - the Ritz Carlton, Lake Tahoe. While it may have been ideal for their group of two, we hope when Times readers plan their own escpae to the mountains, they consider what is becoming the choice of a growing number of saavy travelers - a privately owned vacation rental.

Vacation homes offer a number of benefits that hotels simply cannot provide. First and foremost is more space - not only more square footage, but the social gathering spaces, both indoor and outdoor, that are missing from a block of hotel rooms. Who hasn't had the experience of meeting a coworker in their room and having to sit on the bed together to go over a presentation, or perching yourself on the end of your in-law's bed to have a pre-dinner glass of wine with the family. Awkward. The other major perk of a vacation rental is a full kitchen and dining area. Make coffee in your pajamas or enjoy a glass of wine on your private deck. Think coordinating a dinner reservation for three families with young children sounds like a nightmare? Feed the kids early, and then throw steaks on the grill for the adults. And if that's not enough, vacation rentals come with additional perks, like a washer and dryer, pool table, private hot tub, or amenity access., one of the world's largest Vacation Rental Marketplaces, provided this helpful Infographic to demonstrate the value of vacation rentals.

vacation rental homes versus hotel comparison infographic

But, does the same hold true in Lake Tahoe? We did our own reserach to find out. Our first test was to find accommodations for three families of four, walking distance to the lake in Tahoe City for a March weekend getaway. We matched up Pepper Tree Inn, and our own Pioneer Lake View Retreat.  Next, we tested our Ski-In/Ski-Out townhome Home Run Trail against the accommodations featured by the Los Angeles Times, the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe, for two couples looking for a luxury ski weekend. Let's see how we did!


Score for the Vacation Rentals! Not only do you save on the accommodations themselves, but as we've seen, you'll see even more savings on meals, laundry, and other extras. Now that you're in the know, travel smarter next time. Get the whole house, and save a bundle!