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Tahoe Getaways Gives Back: Truckee Roundhouse

25 Oct 2016
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Tahoe Getaways Announcements

As those of you who follow us are well aware, at Tahoe Getaways we pride ourselves in our community involvement. An essential part of our mission is not only to act as good stewards of our community, but to have a net positive impact on the area where we are lucky enough to live, work, and play. Tahoe Getaways supports its team members in the donation of their time, and as a company we support numerous not for profit organizations that benefit our community. We are excited to share a bit about our newest community partner - Truckee Roundhouse.

In the organization's own words:

What is the Truckee Roundhouse?

The Truckee Roundhouse is a 501(c)3 California non-profit corporation founded at the center of an effort to bring a maker space to Truckee, California in 2015/2016, for the benefit of our entire community.

What is a MakerSpace?

A makerspace is a community-operated shop or workspace where people with common interests, often in computers, machining, technology, science, digital art or electronic art; can meet, socialize and collaborate.

Where Is It?

The Truckee Roundhouse will be located at hangar E3 (Echo 3) at the Truckee Tahoe Airport. Tenant improvements will take place in the fall of 2015, and we hope to open our doors to the public in summer 2016.

What can I do / learn /build/ make there?

There are many things we hope to make available to the community at the Roundhouse. Visit our shop pages to learn more! 

When will it open?

The Roundhouse will open in Truckee in 2016. Head over to this page to sign up for our mailing list to sign up for updates.

How will Roundhouse work?

The Roundhouse will work much like a fitness club / gym. Members will be able to join, and purchase monthly, discounted annual, or short-term memberships which will allow them to take safety check-outs and then be able to use all of the machines and facilities in whichever shop they choose.

Will There Be Classes?

We will also offer three types of learning opportunities: 1) demos, 2) workshops, and 3) classes. More information about these will be released soon as we get closer to opening.   

The Locomotion bike sculpture by local artist Fred Besch stands at the entrance to the mini plaza containing the chess board.

Truckee Roundhouse is scheduled for pre-opening November 3rd, and will officially open to the public on December 1st. Tahoe Getaways has made a cash donation in support of Truckee Roundhouse and we are so excited to continue to be involved as the community makerspace grows.