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The 28th Annual Cushing Crossing

04/28/2018 - 1:00pm
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The Cushing Crossing is one of the BEST spring events on the calendar and we all want springlike weather to kick back and watch the thrills and spills of this legendary event. 

About Cushing Crossing

The 28th Annual Cushing Crossing is the best event of the spring season. The original pond skimming event that started a spring resort ritual. Every year we gather a celebrity judging panel and amazing emcee's for this spectacle. Filled with big spills and laughable thrills this is one spring event that you don't want to miss. Event kicks off at 1pm, awards at 3pm at the KT Base Bar.

Event Details & Registration

  • Registration: 9am at KT Base Bar (limited to 50 participants, $20/person, cash only).
  • Participants must be 18+. Helmets and personal flotation device is mandatory.
  • Awards: 3pm at KT Base Bar

Categories and Prizes

  • Overall: 2017-18 Unrestricted Pass, GoPro Hero 5, Oakley Glasses, $500 cash
  • Men's Ski: GoPro Hero 5, Oakley Glasses, $100
  • Women's Ski: GoPro Hero 5, Oakley Glasses, $100
  • Men's Snowboard: GoPro Hero 5, Oakley Glasses, $100
  • Women's Snowboard: GoPro Hero 5, Oakley Glasses, $100
  • Unlimited (any apparatus that isn't a straight forward pair of skis or snowboard, ex: two snowboards, two competitors on one pair of skis): GoPro Hero 5, Oakley Glasses, $100


  • Total of 25 available points for creativity and style
  • Total of 25 points for a successful crossing

Note: The winner of the overall will also be the winner of their given category. The 2nd place winner of that category will receive the 1st prize purse. If there is a tie for 2nd place the cash will be divided up between the persons who are tied. Rock, paper, scissors (2 of 3) will decide the winner of the GoPro and Oakley Goggles. The winner will choose either the GoPro or Goggles and the loser will take what the winner does not.


  • Please remember that this is a family friendly event. If you wouldn't do it in front of your grandmother, don't do it here. To be specific, no nudity, no sexual apparatus, no alcohol or drugs
  • Snow sliding apparatus must be of a winter sports origin
  • Participant must have the ability to control their apparatus
  • Multiple competitors must be attached to the same apparatus
  • All competitors must wear a life jacket
  • All competitors must wear a helmet
  • Squaw Valley retains the right to disallow any competitor or apparatus
  • Tie breaker for the overall winner be decided by a second run ski off. The overall winner has the highest points on both the 1st and 2nd run
  •  Competitors must be 18 years of age
  • You are responsible for your actions. Don't ruin this for everyone else
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